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A Collection of My Random Works
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26th-Jun-2009 06:49 pm - [37] 4.16 Supernatural Icons
[37] On The Head of a Pin (4.16 Supernatural) Icons


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Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.
Feel free to add whatever you want.

26th-May-2009 04:21 pm - [23] 4.12 Supernatural Icons
[23] Criss Angel is a Douche Bag (4.12 Supernatural) Icons

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24th-May-2009 05:06 pm(no subject)
This is what I got for my Castiel banner:

They always seem to be quite yellow. Perhaps I should try using a different colour?
19th-May-2009 05:52 pm - Dean Doesn't Want Sam To Know
Dean Doesn't Want Sam to Know
By Me
Word Count: 1,099
Disclaimer: I don't not own Supernatural or any of the characters.
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Sam, there's a mention of Castiel
Rating: M+, I guess.
Spoilers: Spoilers up to 4.11, Family Remains
Summary: Dean tries to keep his memories of hell hidden from Sam.
Notes: This is the first fic I've written. Ever. So criticism is more then welcome. It doesn't really have an end, I might add some more to it later.

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19th-May-2009 03:57 pm - 4.11 Supernatural Icons
[24] Family Remains (4.11 Supernatural) Icons

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15th-May-2009 04:19 pm - Supernatural Headers and Sigs
I tried making some signatures and headers. I'm not to good at the whole blending thing.

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12th-May-2009 01:54 pm - 41 - 4.10 Supernatural
[41] 4.10 Supernatural Icons (Heaven and Hell)
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8th-May-2009 08:08 pm - Various Icons.

[1-11] Moonlight Season One
[12-13] Buffy Season One
[14-30] Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of The Black Pearl)
[31-43] Heroes Season One
[44-57] Wolverine
[58-69] Watchmen

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7th-May-2009 04:33 pm - 26 4.09 Supernatural Icons
[26] I Know What You Did Last Summer (Supernatural) Icons

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7th-May-2009 04:23 pm - 68 Icons.

[1-20] Various Supernatural Episodes.
[20-64] OzCon
[64-68] Random

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